Angular 4- Super Heroic JavaScript Framework


16 Hours Instructor Led Live Classroom Training

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Focus of the Course and Target Audience

Angular 4 is the next big deal. Being the successor of the overwhelmingly successful Angular.js framework it’s bound to shape the future of front-end development in a similar way. The powerful features and capabilities of Angular 2 allow you to create complex, customizable, modern, and re-sponsive and user friendly web applications. Participant will learn Com-ponents, Bindings, Dependency Injections using Services, Pipes and Cus-tom Pipes, Ajax calls using Reactive Extensions, Routing along with a mini project.

Course Content

I. TypeScript
II. Getting started with Angular 4
III. Creating Development environment and under-standing of Dynamic Loading
IV. Ahead-of-Time Compila-tion in Angular 4
V. WebPack and Multilevel WebPack
VI. Components and boot-strapping your compo-nents using NgModule
VII. Bindings— One-Way,TwoWay and One-Time
VIII.Filters and Pipes
IX. Services
X. Dependency Injection
XI. Making REST Calls using Reactive Extensions
XII. Routing
XIII. Creating Single Page Application
XIV. Unit Testing

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