Java 1.8 Performance and Concurrency



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Duration: 2 Days

Course Overview:
Java was designed from the group up to operate as a multi-threaded language. However, the
facilities available range from the very low level, such as Threads, through Atomic types to high
level blocking queues etc. With the advent of Java 8 this has been extended to Completable
Futures and Stream processing. However, all this complexity has structure to it and can be
understood by stepping through the facilities available and understanding how they build on each
other. In many cases the need to explore the concurrency features in Java is driven by the need to
ensure sufficient performance in applications. This course therefore also considers performance,
what to consider, performance anti-patterns as well as aspects of the JVM environment that can
affect performance (such as Garbage collection, IO and stream oriented processing). It also
introduces the Actor model for concurrency.
Experience and understanding of the Core Java language and the newer Java8 features (e.g.
functions and method references)

Course Content:

 Garbage Collection in Java
 Threads
 Synchronizing Data Access
 Synchronizing Execution
 Modern Java Concurrency
 Completable Futures
 Lock Free Concurrency
 Performance Concepts
 Measuring Performance
 Performance Anti-Patterns
 I/O and NIO 2.0
 Streams
 Introducing Actors

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